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Intermountain Medical Center Unveils New MRI Facility

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NJRA recently completed a new MRI facility inside the Intermountain Medical Center. This new MRI facility was provided in an effort to provide a more comfortable and stress-free experience to the many patients that this facility serves each year. In addition to the MRI machine itself being more spacious, the room environment can be customized to the patients preferences. There is also music and television that can be controlled by the patient.

What’s wonderful about this machine and this caring suite is that it allows us to make the patient more comfortable,” MRI technician Mike Oveson said at a press conference Wednesday. “Typically patients are very claustrophobic. They are anxious. They get intimidated by the machine.”

Reducing a patient’s stress is important, Oveson said.

“If a patient isn’t comfortable inside the machine, they move a lot more,” Oveson said. “Images do not come out as nice as they need to. Diagnoses could be missed and could set back their treatment or care.

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