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Educational Projects

Stansbury Elementary School
Addition & Remodel


Client: Granite School District
Location: West Valley City, UT
Size: 97,000 SF (45,000 SF Addition & 52,000 SF Remodel)


This project consists of a new addition and a remodel of the existing Stansbury Elementary School. The new addition (approximately 45,000 SF) doubled the size of the school and includes 10 classrooms, kitchen and dining facilities, a new media center, 2 large group instruction rooms, a new receiving area, and support spaces. The remodel and addition incorporates a high level of technological integration, moving towards a 1-1 ratio of computers to students in the school. New classrooms use raised access flooring to distribute power and data for maximum flexibility in the future and contain technologically-rich break-out spaces for upper grade students to explore ideas independently in small groups. The project also creatively integrates additional power and data into the existing school. The existing kitchen, administration area, and media center were remodeled to serve the staff and students more efficiently. The electrical service was upgraded for the entire school and the site was redesigned with improved flow, separating parent drop-off and parking areas from play areas and creating distinct play areas for different grade levels. All new building and site construction was phased to maintain functionality of the existing school during the construction period.